MEAF or the Madison Educational Assistance Fund helps recent Madison High School graduates further their education.  Current scholarships typically range from $100 to $1000 (one-time and non-renewable) to one scholarship of $1000 /year for four years.  The Madison Eductional Assistance Fund has now awarded over $210,000 in scholarships to Madison High School graduates since it was first established in 1992. 

If you are interested in donating or being a part of MEAF, see the flyers attached below for more information. 

*This scholarship is only available to Madison High School graduates

MEAF Board of Directors

President: Linda Wilson
Vice President: Diantha Stutesman
Secretary: Karen Engle
Treasurer:  Linda Meyer
Dacia Brandt
Larry Dewitt
Jeri Knobloch
Ryan Engle
Darcy Henke
Rosemary McGuire
Karen McIlvain
Daryl May
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