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Superintendent's Corner

posted Apr 8, 2014, 9:43 AM by website team   [ updated Apr 8, 2014, 9:43 AM ]

        It is hard to believe just how fast this year has gone.  Enrollment for the 2014-2015 school year is already in the very final stages.  Due to technology and new resources that have become available the enrollment process looks substantially different than it did just a few years ago.  As part of the enrollmentprocess, students now have the opportunity to develop their own Individual Plan of Study (IPS). 

As part of this process of creating an IPS, students complete an interest survey.  They have the opportunity to update this survey each year as their interests change and develop.  While core classes remain largely the same from year to year, elective offerings can change to align with student interests and needs. Core subjects include English, Mathematics, Science, and Social studies.  Additionally students have opportunities in Business Computers, Foreign Language (Spanish), and Fine Arts (Art, Band, Vocal)  While we are a smaller high school, we still strive to offer students a wide variety of course offerings.  Some of these courses are offered on campus and others are offered through a technical college, community college, or online format.  Students have the opportunity to enroll in college level courses including English Composition, College Algebra, Public Speaking, and Agriculture courses such as Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition and Principals of Animal Science.  We will have multiple seniors graduating this year with nine hours of college credit.  Additionally, high school level agriculture courses, including Agriculture Business and Agriculture Science, have been offered to students for the past two years.  Online courses in French and other foreign languages are also available to students.   With the exception of online courses, for an elective class to “make it” we use the guidelines of having 10 students enrolled in the course.  For example, only 3 students enrolled in Agriculture Science and Agriculture Business for the 2014-2015 school year, but these course options will be offered again to students pre-enrolling for the 2015-2016 school year next Spring.

            In developing the Individual Plan of Study, 9th – 11th grade students had 1:1 meetings with the student, parent, and counselor to review the student interest survey, course offerings, and plan of study.  These plans of study are a working document that can change from year to year along with the students’ desires and interests.  The results of the student interest survey produce a set of potential careers and post secondary plans of study for the student to consider.  These results can be reviewed and updated online both at school and at home.  Parents have the opportunity to review and discuss the results with their student.            

            Students also have the option of attending the Flint Hills Technical College “tuition free” in fifteen programs. A recent review by the Create a Career organization, recently ranked FHTC in the top 10 of the 25 best community colleges in the nation.  Programs that they can enroll in include Welding, Culinary Arts, Business Administration, Health Occupations, Power Plant Technology, Computer Programming, etc.  If the student completes the program they can earn an industry certificate or an Associate’s Degree, allowing them to gain job and college experience, all while still in high school!  This allows students to graduate high school with a certificate and/or degree which will allow them to obtain employment at $10-$15 an hour.  From here they can still continue on to a 2 year or 4 year college to continue their education in a similar or completely different field depending on their interest and desires.  If the technical college does not match up with a student’s interests, they still have the opportunity to take college level courses while enrolled in high school.

            The reality is that students have tough choices when selecting classes.  They have seven 60 minute classes each day with a 30 minute study hall and lunch period.  Once a student enrolls in their courses required for graduation and post-secondary study, they have only a few periods left for elective courses.  To allow students experience in areas of interest which may not fit into their schedule, clubs or extracurricular opportunities such as Ag Club, BEST (robotics), and the Spring Play are offered to students.  The student participation in the Ag Club and Spring Play have been very high in recent years.  Our goal is to provide students with a rigorous and relevant educational experience based on their individual interests and needs.  I am very proud of our staff for their dedication and hard work in working to bring this goal to a reality for all students.  Mrs. Jeanna Scheve our Student Support Specialist has been instrumental in developing and facilitating many of these new opportunities for our students.  This process will continue to evolve over time, but I remain very excited about the changes that are taking place and the opportunities that we will provide for our students.         

Have a good week and remember, “It’s A Great Day to Be a Bulldog!”

website team,
Apr 8, 2014, 9:43 AM