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MHS Has New Foreign Exchange Student

posted Sep 30, 2014, 12:48 PM by website team   [ updated Sep 30, 2014, 12:49 PM ]

As Madison welcomes in the new school year, it also welcomes our newest student, Alessia. Alessia is from Lecco, Italy, which is in the Italian region of Lombardy. Her parents are Nicola and Rosanna and she has two siblings, a brother named Ezio and a sister whose name is Eleonora.

Alessia enjoys going out with friends, fencing, reading, swimming, walking, and watching movies. She has had some new experiences so far during her stay. From attending an American school to going to Emporia for the first time, she also had her first encounter with a Walmart, ordered food at the Spangles, experienced a drive-thru, and watched her first football game.

When asked why she wanted to study in America, Alessia said that English is the most universal language, so knowing it is a necessity for all people. After spending a month in Spain with a friend, her motiviation for coming to America to better her English increased even more. Not only that, but her brother went to Iowa last year and recommened it to her.

Alessia would like to visit some cities, meet a lot of people, and have as many experiences as she can. During her time here, she will be staying with the Wolgram family. She is grateful that her host family is so hospitable and she enjoys every moment they spend together. Alessia also says that the people in Madison are patient and kind to her and that she likes staying here.

 Welcome to America, Alessia! We are glad you're here!

By: Katie G.