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Nurse's Notes

It’s that time of year when our students are showing signs of illness. One way to
keep our children healthy is to follow some simple guidelines.  School staff is instructed to call parents/responsible person if a student becomes ill while at school. For a temperature of 99-100 degrees with accompanying symptoms, the student will be sent home and should not return until free of temperature for 24 hours or has a doctor’s permit. Following this simple request will make
for a healthier, happier staff and student body.

1. If the student is feeling ill (fever, nausea,
vomiting, diarrhea, etc.), keep them at
home for at least 24 hours without symptoms.
2. Plenty of fluids, nutritional drinks and diet
as tolerated.
3. If the student is gone longer than three
school days, a doctor’s permit is recommended.
4. ALWAYS remember good hand washing.


  • If you have any questions regarding illness or health in general, please feel free to contact Willa Fankhauser, RN, School Nurse at 620-437-2918 or wfankhauser@usd386.net.


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