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STEM Activities

posted Oct 28, 2016, 12:20 PM by website team

1st and 2nd grade have been working hard the past two weeks on STEM activities that tie into history, architecture, math, engineering and grade level curriculum. 

Last week students made boats for Christopher Columbus to take to make his voyage from Spain to America. Their first boat was a large boat that had to hold 100 pennies. Their second boat was half the size and they re-tested to see whose boat could hold the most pennies. Students were expected to adjust their boat design as needed to hold more pennies.

The last two days the students got together again to craft bridges for a ghost to cross the swamp. Bridges had to be at least one inch off the ground, a penny could not fall between the planks and they could only use materials provided. Bridges were then tested to see if they could hold the weight of their ghost and adjustments were made as needed.

Way to go 1st and 2nd grade engineers!!